Coastal Tours

715 and 718 with Brush Car

Where do I join and where does the Tour take me?

All our Coastal Tours start from the northbound North Pier & Tower Heritage Tram stop, which you will find if you check out our Find Us page.

Our Coastal Tour takes you on a 2-hour return trip from Blackpool’s Golden Mile to the fishing town of Fleetwood and back. You’ll head north along Blackpool’s famous promenade, taking in the fresh air and sea views before travelling inland through the scenic town of Cleveleys. The last leg of your journey will see you glide through Fleetwood’s historic Victorian town centre, coming to an end with the grand Pharos Lighthouse.

On the return leg of your tour you’ll travel all the way to the Pleasure Beach in the South of Blackpool before turning once more and returning via the Golden Mile where you’ll be dropped off right where your tour started.

Tour Prices

Coastal Tour prices start from just £3 for children and £6 for adults.

There is a small fee added to each booking when purchasing your tickets but please note that we have accounted for this in our overall pricing and the cost of the tour is reflective of the booking fee at checkout.

Under 3’s may travel free if they are not occupying a seat. If you would like them to have their own space, please reserve a child seat.

Optional Extras

At the time of booking you are able to choose from a small selection of our souvenirs. If you purchase any of these they will be handed to you as you take your tour. They are also available for home delivery, along with over a hundred other items, in our online shop.

Window Gazer – your free tour guide

We have produced a free Window Gazer guide of the buildings, sights and interesting information in the view from your window as you travel with us on your tour. It’s like having your own personal tour guide but without the bad jokes!