Coastal Tours

Our Coastal Tours, as all our tours, are currently suspended.

We are currently planning for our return later in 2021 when circumstances allow.

We offer three options for your daytime Coastal Tour, differing by date:

Three Boat Trams at Bispham

Ride on an open ‘Boat’ tram or enclosed single-deck tram (depending on the weather)

Balloon Tram on the Prom

Ride on a traditional and iconic Blackpool Balloon tram

Standard Tram 147 at Fleetwood

Ride on a vintage but equally iconic tram dating from the early 1900’s (eg Tram 66, 143 or 147)

See how we’ve adapted to to Keep you Safe in 2020

Tour Prices

The tour last approximately two hours and costs £6 for adults and £3 for children (15 and under).

Under 3’s may travel free if they are not occupying a seat. If you would like them to have their own space, please reserve a child seat.

Where does the Tour take me?

The tour takes place on one of our Heritage Trams which range in age from over 100 years to some in their 40s. If you want to see the types of trams we have, you’ll find them on our Fleet page but the actual trams out on a particular day will vary.

Starting from the northbound North Pier & Tower Heritage Tram stop, which you will find if you check out our Find Us page, we travel north along the Promenade using the routes which have, in various forms, been carrying trams for over 100 years – don’t worry, the tracks were upgraded as recently as 2012 so they are in excellent shape!

The route north leaves the centre of Blackpool behind and travels past the Metropole, Imperial Hotel and the Blackpool Grand (Hilton as was) and then down the steepest gradient of the whole tramway into the dip at Gynn Square. For those who don’t know, the name of the square comes from a pub there back in the 1800’s called The Gynn, still there but much modernised, and is pronounced with a hard G as in ‘garden’ rather than a soft G as in gin and tonic.

Standard Tram 147 at Gynn Square

Climbing once more we reach Cabin, where once stood another hostelry called Uncle Tom’s Cabin but is now a Ma Kelly’s Showboat venue, and then the route flattens out on the run to Bispham, past the easily recognisable Norbreck Castle Hotel and into Cleveleys before turning slightly inland at Thornton Gate. The route then takes us to the fishing port of Fleetwood where we pause briefly for a photo opportunity near the Ferry and Euston Park.

The tram then returns to Blackpool and, when there, carries on along the busiest part of The Prom, past all three piers, Coral Island and the Tower and eventually arrives at Pleasure Beach in the south of the town.

Turning one last time, we head north again so that we can return to North Pier & Tower stop where you first boarded and where your tour ends around two hours after first leaving.

715 and 718 with Brush Car

Where do I join the tour?

All our Coastal Tours start from our northbound North Pier & Tower Heritage Tram stop – you’ll can see this on a map on our Find Us page.

We aim to run a selection of tours throughout the day at weekends and Bank Holidays and will re-introduce weekday services as soon as we are able. You can check out when our services are running by visiting our Timetable page.

Once on our tour, you can, if you wish, leave it at any of our Heritage Tram stops on the route but, in doing so, you are bringing your tour to an end. It is not a hop-on-hop-off tour so you will not be able to rejoin this or a later tour on that same reservation – you can only board our tours at North Pier & Tower stop.

Optional Extras

At the time of booking you are able to choose from a small selection of our souvenirs. If you purchase any of these they will be handed to you as you take your tour. They are also available for home delivery, along with over a hundred other items, in our online shop.

Window Gazer – your free tour guide

We have produced a free Window Gazer guide of the buildings, sights and interesting information in the view from your window as you travel with us on your tour. It’s like having your own personal tour guide but without the bad jokes!