Heritage Statement

We want to address recent speculation circulating, especially on social media, regarding the Rigby Road site and the electric bus project. Here’s an update on where things stand:
Blackpool Transport and Blackpool Council are collaborating on redesigning the Rigby Road site for the electric bus project. However, it’s crucial to clarify that there are NO firm plans committed to any designs at this time. The project is still in a fluid state, and discussions are ongoing.
There has been speculation on the minutes of a Shareholder meeting held in November 2023. We want to emphasise that the project remains dynamic, and no definitive decisions have been made regarding the site’s design.
Initial discussions involved seeking authority to reduce the number of charging points for electric buses and retain the fitting shop. However, plans have evolved, and further details for the Rigby Road site are still being refined.
The tram shed roof is undergoing a comprehensive survey by Blackpool Council to determine repair costs. Until the survey results are known, Tramtown tours will remain temporarily closed. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
To ensure the longevity of our assets, the Heritage operation will be suspended from January 2024 until March 2024. This period is earmarked for essential maintenance work.
We understand the importance of keeping our community informed. Further updates will be provided once a firm project plan is in place for the Electric bus scheme and ongoing Heritage operations, including Tramtown.
Your support is invaluable as we navigate through these dynamic developments. Stay tuned for more information, and thank you for your continued understanding.
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