Bolton 66 at Rossall

Heritage Update

The fitting shop will reopen on from Monday 8th January for limited use as we commence work on the vehicles required to operate this season, however no volunteers or contractors will be able to use the fitting shop and the offices located within the fitting shop will be closed until further notice.

The tram shed will remain closed until we have the results of the conditions survey back, which we are hopeful that we will receive the results soon. Vehicle movements will be restricted and will be undertaken by BTS engineers under a SSOW to allow our engineering team to work on the fleet’s maintenance programme.

Tramtown volunteers will not be allowed on site until the condition of the Tramshed is established. BTS welcome them to use our meeting facilities when they are available.

The archives are being moved into a safe and secure location.

The heritage operations will operate from our Starr Gate Depot for 2024.

We will continue to attract, recruit and train our heritage operation volunteers.

The 2024 operating calendar will be announced in due course.

Application for funding of the restoration of the tram shed and the move to a Tramtown visitor attraction is continuing through the heritage lottery and other funding systems as they arise.

Work on vehicles that aren’t BTS which require external contractors to come on site will still not be allowed however we will be reviewing this around March once we know where our engineering team are up to with the fleet that is required to support the operation this year.

Thank you for your continued support!

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