Illuminations Tours

Details of our 2020 tours have not yet been finalised. We will publish them here and on our social media just as soon as we have them.

There is no better way to appreciate the Blackpool Illuminations than on a Blackpool Heritage Tram Illuminations Tour.

701 passing South Pier

Tour Trams Sept 2020

723 at Pleasure Beach

A tour on one of our iconic double-deck Balloon trams.

Western Train in Illuminations Tour service

Coming Soon

Frigate and Trawler at Manchester Square

Unfortunately well before coronavirus lockdown we had planned and even started engineering and maintenance work on our Illuminated trams. It was due to be completed well in time for our 2020 illuminations tours but we were unable to complete it to the original timescale as the engineers were furloughed.

Now they have returned, we are working hard to get these special trams completed and once more adding to the wonderful spectacle that is the Blackpool Illuminations. We hope this will be by early October.

What is an Illuminations Tour?

Our Illuminations Tour takes you on a Heritage Tram all the way from the Pleasure Beach near the southern end of ‘The Lights’, along the famous Prom and Golden Mile bedecked in its twinkling lights, past the Tower and all three piers and all the way to the fabulous illuminated and animated tableaux at Bispham where the Illuminations end.

Line map of the Illuminations Tour route and stops

But that’s not the end of your tour! We then turn the tram around and take you all the way back again. That way, if you were on the road side of the tram on the way up, you’ll be on the sea side of the tram on the way back and you’ll miss nothing of the spectacle.

Balloon Tram 723 leaves the Pleasure Beach on Illuminations Duty

Not all the heritage trams are themselves illuminated, we also include our other types of heritage trams in the service including the iconic double-deck Balloon trams. Although we admit there is a certain something about being on one of the illuminated trams, actually a better view of The Lights can often be had from the upper deck of a Balloon tram.

If you’d like to learn more of the history of the Illuminated Trams we have a few details and some old photographs.

Tickets and Times

We are still working on our schedules for the 2020 Illuminations Tours. We can confirm that all tours will be on a ‘pre-booking’ basis and you will be able to instantly reserve your seat online once the tour times are confirmed.

We will publish the timetables and tour dates here and on our social media just as soon as we have them.


Many of our trams were built some 80 or more years ago and it is not possible to make them accessible to all*. There is a high step to board the tram (at least 12 inches/30cm) and often a further similar step once inside.

* they have an exemption from the appropriate legislation due to their age and construction

The one exception to this is our Western Train tram which is accessible thanks to a National Lottery grant. It has a mechanical lift and space for one wheelchair passenger. We normally do our best to ensure it is in service every Illuminations Tour evening but, as you can read above, this is not possible at the start of the 2020 season.

Our other trams do have space to carry a folded wheelchair but it does mean all passengers have to be able to board and get to their seat. Whilst our conductors will help all they can, they cannot provide direct physical assistance.

How long does the tour last?

Between 50 minutes and just over the hour.

It can vary because the Illuminations Tours passes through some of the busiest parts of The Prom. Sometimes we have to go more slowly because of the number of people on the Prom but that means you get even better value for money as you have more time to take in the spectacle all around you.

On the return (southbound) journey it is possible to leave the tour at our Heritage Tram stops at Bispham, Cabin and North Pier & Tower if you don’t want to come all the way back with us to Pleasure Beach. But once you’ve left us, that is the end of your tour. It’s not possible to complete the tour on a later tram.

If you want to know where our stops are, you’ll find a map on our Find Us page

Prams and Luggage

If we have space on the tram we are happy to carry folded prams and push-chairs.

Personal baggage, rucksacks and other luggage must be placed at your feet in front of you or on your lap. For safety, the walkways have to remain unobstructed.

We are not able to carry bicycles.

Optional Extras

At the time of booking you are able to choose from a small selection of our souvenirs. If you purchase any of these they will be handed to you as you take your tour. They are also available for home delivery, along with over a hundred other items, in our online shop.


If you come to Blackpool at Illuminations time, it’s scenes like this that await you.

Final Night of the 2019 season of Blackpool Illuminations (3 Nov 2019)

Want to know more about the Illuminations?

You will find lots of information about The Illuminations at which is the tourism arm of Blackpool Council. There is lots of other useful information there too that will help you get the best from your visit to our town.