Illuminations Tours

Our Illumination Tours commence from Saturday 4th September 2021 to Monday 3rd January 2022.

What is an Illuminations Tour?

Our Illuminations Tour takes you on a Heritage Tram from the Pleasure Beach near the southern end of ‘The Lights’, travelling along the famous Promenade and Golden Mile which showcases Blackpool’s twinkling lights and displays. As we head to the fabulous illuminated tableaux between Cabin & Bispham, we will pass the Tower and all three piers.

Line map of the Illuminations Tour route and stops

But that’s not the end of your tour! We then turn the tram around and take you all the way back again. If you were on the road side of the tram on the way up, you’ll be on the sea side of the tram on the way back meaning you’ll miss nothing of the spectacle.

Balloon Tram 723 leaves the Pleasure Beach on Illuminations Duty

As well as our illuminated fleet, we also use other types of heritage trams on our tours including the iconic double-deck “Balloon” tram. Although we admit there is a certain something about being on one of the illuminated trams, you get an excellent view of the Lights from our double deck Balloon trams.

If you’d like to learn more of the history of the Illuminated Trams we have more information and some wonderful old photographs.

Please note that boarding for Illuminations Tours is only at Pleasure Beach Heritage Tram Stop.

Booking an Illuminations Tour

In common with all our tours in 2021, you will now be able to reserve and pay for your seat in advance and know which of our services you will be travelling on.

Children under 3 may travel free with an adult if they are not occupying a seat. No ticket will be required for them in that case. If you prefer they have a seat, please book a child ticket.

Individual Tickets

Adult Tickets & Child Tickets

Monday to Thursday
Adult from £8
Child from £4

Friday to Sunday
Adult from £10
Child from £5

Save with our

Monday to Thursday

Friday to Sunday

Children Under 3

Children under 3 may travel free with an adult if they are not occupying a seat. No ticket will be required for them in that case.

If you prefer they have a seat, please book a child ticket.

Optional Extras

When you book your tour you are able to choose from a selection of our souvenirs, these will be ready for you when you board your tour.

The souvenirs are also available for home delivery along with over a hundred other items from our online shop.

Window Gazer – your free tour guide

We have produced a free Window Gazer guide of the buildings, sights and interesting information in the view from your window as you travel with us on your tour. It’s like having your own personal tour guide but without the bad jokes!

How long does the tour last?

Each tour lasts around an hour, however it can vary because the tour passes through some of the busiest parts of the Prom and operates alongside the regular tram service. Sometimes we have to go slightly slower because of the number of people on the Promenade although this means you get more time to enjoy the view!


Due to the age of our trams they do not have any wheelchair accessibility apart from our Western Train Tram which has an electric lift and space for one wheelchair user.

Our trams do have space to carry a folded wheelchair but it does mean all passengers have to be able to board and get to their seat. Whilst our conductors will help all they can, they cannot provide direct physical assistance.

Prams and Luggage

If we have space on the tram we are happy to carry folded prams and push-chairs.

Personal baggage must be placed at your feet in front of you or on your lap. For safety, the walkways have to remain unobstructed.

We are not able to carry bicycles.

Want to know more about the Illuminations?

You will find lots of information about The Illuminations at which is the tourism arm of Blackpool Council. There is lots of other useful information there too that will help you get the best from your visit to our town.