tram 707 leaving depot for System Tour

Tram Shed Doors Fundraiser

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Tramtown Vision! With the combined efforts of your donations, Tramtown ticket sales, support from Blackpool Council and Blackpool Transport, we have secured the finances to deliver Phase One of our Vision.

Phase One

Phase One will ensure the continued maintenance and running of Heritage Trams for years to come. It already includes:

  • A new roof for a third of the tram shed
  • A new headbeam
  • A new partition wall
  • Repairs to the gutters and drains
  • Relocation of engineering equipment into the redeveloped facility

Enhanced Phase One

Tram shed without doors

With your support, we can deliver an enhanced Phase One scheme with the installation of purpose-built doors for a third of the tram shed.

£70,000 buys us purpose-built doors that would keep the wind and rain out of the facility.

The new doors would create better working conditions for our engineers and protect the trams stored in this part of the tram shed.

This would ultimately give us our first truly water-tight area and support the next 3 development phases.

Every penny takes us closer to our target of a safe and sustainable future for our Heritage and Illuminated trams in Blackpool.

If you can spare £5, please donate HERE.


The Next 3 Phases

Funding bid work is now underway for the other 3 Phases in our Tramtown vision. This includes:

  • A full roof replacement for the remaining two thirds of the depot
  • New doors
  • A brand new exhibition area including a café, conference facilities and retail areas
  • A mezzanine floor for visitors to freely walk and look out over all of the trams

You can be part of this exciting future for Blackpool’s oldest working trams:

Tramtown will support the maintenance and development of our tram fleet as well as the regeneration of Blackpool. It will bring visitors and economic growth, in addition to ensuring Blackpool’s wonderful transport past has a great future.


Many thanks,

Paul Galley

Councillor for Anchorsholme

Chair of the Audit Committee

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